A day at Henley Royal Regatta

Extravagant striped blazers, riverside rowing & Pimms flowing. Nothing fits the definition of a “Summer Party” more than spending the day watching the worlds most prestigious rowing races from the Stewards Enclosure at Henley Royal Regatta. Across 5 days in the quaint town of Henley – on – Thames those who share a passion for rowing gather to watch crews from around the world compete.

This year I had the pleasure to attend my colleges for our company summer event. (Yes, you heard it, summer corporate event at Henley Royal Regatta!). Following in tradition those who have been a member of a rowing club wear their unique blazers. These come in a variety of wild patterns and colours which truly fill the Henley atmosphere with energy and cheer. Whether you recognise someone’s club blazer, had a little too much Champagne in the sun or simply share a passion for rowing, before you know it you’ll be making new friends everywhere.

It was delightful to chat with the inspiring GB Olympic Rower Toby Garbett, and to catch up with old teammates and coaches. Thank you to AlfaPeople UK for a day at Henley for the most wonderful summer party. Thank you to everyone who I met at Henley who is now supporting and following our journey to row across the Atlantic.

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Daylight hours are long in the summertime so typically we spend our time outside enjoying the sun.

Last Saturday, however, we couldn’t resist a trip to the movies to see Hollywood’s latest release, Adrift.

A tragedy based on a true story about a man and a woman, who whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean get struck by a category 5 hurricane. This left their boat badly damaged and the two crew unable to reach for help and in a hopeless state for survival.

While it might seem like watching Jaws before going for a swim we felt this would give us a vivid insight into some of the challenges unexpectedly faced at sea.

Adrift is a film which has an inspiring impact on its audience and we would thoroughly recommend going to see it. Whether a fan of action adventures or films with a latent love story – the whole family will enjoy Adrift. Although I’m not quite sure it was the most comforting of movies for our mum, whose children will be heading out to sea.

Our biggest takeaways from the movie are to never lose hope and to always search for the positive in every situation.

Adrift (2018) Trailer

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Our First Mistake…

One month ago we (a brother and sister) registered to row across the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t until this weekend, however, where we attended the Atlantic Campaigns Introduction to Ocean Rowing that we acknowledged what an enormous challenge we have committed to. The talk was a true awakening to the task ahead, certainly, we were a little naive in knowing what’s required to get to the start line.

Sensibly others were in attendance to enquire before committing – perhaps this was our first mistake.

Thanks to Exhibition Foods we got a real taste of dining at sea. We tried two options, Chicken Tikka Masala and Vegetable Masala. They came freeze dried with 450-1000 calories per bag. Expecting to burn up to 6000 calories a day it’s handy to be able to consume 800 from a single boil up bag. We shall have to try some other flavours before setting off as we can’t imagine eating curry for 60 days at sea.

We left the event as overwhelmed, slightly startled yet truly inspired Seablings.

Our journey has already begun and we look forward to sharing it with you along the way.


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